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About this site

Please be sure to read the following terms of use when using the O-CHA NET.

About intellectual property rights etc.

The intellectual property rights to this website belong to World Green Tea Association (hereafter Association) and all related right holders. The material on this website such as articles, photographs, pictures etc. may not be copied, transferred, borrowed, distributed or sold, for profit or non-profit purposes, without prior permission from the Association.

About link

In principle, links to this website may be created freely as long as they do not diverge from the objectives of this website or negatively affect the credibility of the Association.  All links to this website must, in principle, be to the Home page. If you wish to create a link to this website, fill out the required fields in the application form below and send it to us.
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We do not allow any links to external websites to be posted on this website.


The Association strives to ensure that all information posted on the site is current (updated as of the day of posting) and accurate. However, we take no responsibility towards guaranteeing that all information on the website is absolutely correct. Content or links on this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice. In addition, the Association shall bear no responsibility for any losses or disputes, direct or indirect, caused through utilization of the information on this website.