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 Dr. Andrew Scott, Chairman of ISO/TC34/SC8, Tea, issued the article specially to the World Green Tea Association's bulletin, Ryokucha (published only in Japanese). This English version of article contains comprehensive and valuable knowledge for tea including world tea history, tea consumption & international trade, producing tea, achievements of ISO/TC34/SC8 and the future. Thank-you very much for his contribution!! Please download the article (PDF file) from above.


About the authorChairman of ISO/TC34/SC8

 Dr.  Andrew Scott, Chairman ISO/TC 34/SC - 8 Food Products - Tea Committee, Foreign Special Member of the World Green Tea Association (Japan)

 Dr. Scott is a biochemist with research experience in drug metabolism (doctoral studies at the University of Surrey supported by Glaxo) and food biochemistry (at the Chorleywood and Campden Food Research Association). He joined The Tetley Group, now a subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages and was the company’s Director, Science & Technology, bringing innovative new tea products to Tetley markets across the globe (1991-2010).

He joined Nestec Ltd as Global Tea Scientist and supported tea science research in Nestlé’s global tea businesses (2011-2016). He has been a member of the BSI AW8 Tea Committee since 1991 and was appointed Chair of ISO/TC 34, Food products, SC 8, Tea, in 2004. The committee has been working on new standards to measure substances characteristic of tea, and more recently, published the new green tea standard, upgraded black tea standard, the white tea technical bulletin and will publish the L-theanine method of analysis this year.

He also worked with the Food and Agriculture Organization Intergovernmental Group on Tea since 2005 on pesticide regulations for tea in North America, EU, Australia and India and the global use of ISO Tea standards in the international trade of tea.